Dan Attias
Movies Unlimited
Season 04 | Episode 36

Dan Attias


TV director Dan Attias discusses his favorite cinematic moments with hosts Josh Olson and Joe Dante.

Show Notes:

Movies Referenced In This Episode

Sweet Smell of Success (1957) – John Landis’s trailer commentary
Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)
White Dog (1982)
Silver Bullet (1985)
Witness (1985)
The Verdict (1982)
Scent Of A Woman (1992)
The Piano (1993)
The Pawnbroker (1965)
Dog Day Afternoon (1975)
True Romance (1993)
Infested (2002)
A History Of Violence (2005)
The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)
Gremlins (1984) – Glenn Erickson’s review, TFH’s 30th anniversary links
It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) – Bill Duke’s trailer commentary, John Landis’s trailer commentary
Jaws (1975) – Josh Olson’s trailer commentary
Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982) – Karyn Kusama’s trailer commentary, Glenn Erickson’s Criterion review
Heaven Can Wait (1978)
Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941) – Glenn Erickson’s Criterion review
12 Angry Men (1957)
Dodes’ka-den (1970)
Memento (2000)
Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Other Notable Items

Phillips Club in NYC
TFH Guru Alan Spencer
Sledge Hammer! TV series (1986-1988)
The Garland in Los Angeles
Mary Carey
Samuel Fuller
Miami Vice TV series (1984-1989)
Northern Exposure TV series (1990-1995)
Picket Fences TV series (1992-1996)
Six Feet Under TV series (2001-2005)
The Killing TV series (2011-2014)
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel TV series (2017- )
The Americans TV series (2013-2018)
Deadwood TV series (2004-2006)
The Sopranos TV series (1999-2007)
The Wire TV series (2002-2008)
The Practice TV series (1997-2004)
Dan’s new book Directing Great Television: Inside TV’s New Golden Age
George Miller
Steven Spielberg
David Chase
David Milch
Peter Weir
Harrison Ford
Kelly McGillis
Lukas Haas
Danny Glover
Jan Rubeš
“What A Wonderful World” song by Louis Armstrong (1967)
Sidney Lumet
Al Pacino
Chris O’Donnell
Holly Hunter
Rod Steiger
The Total Film-Maker memoir by Jerry Lewis (1971)
Paul Newman
Jack Warden
James Mason
Charlotte Rampling
Lindsay Crouse
Dennis Hopper
Christopher Walken
Mark Margolis
Viggo Mortensen
Ed Harris
Julianne Moore
Alfred Hitchcock
Henry V play by William Shakespeare (1599)
Frank Capra
James Stewart
Phoebe Cates
Jeffrey Katzenberg 
Warren Beatty
Buck Henry
The LA Rams
Julie Christie
Charles Grodin
Robert Montgomery
Claude Rains
James Gleason
The Twilight Zone TV series (1959-1964)
Lee J. Cobb
Akira Kurosawa
Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia
Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce
Joe Pantoliano
Mare of Easttown miniseries (2021)
Kate Winslet

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