David Morse
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Movies Unlimited
Season 04 | Episode 17

David Morse


Actor David Morse (The Virtuoso, The Green Mile, Treme) joins Josh and Joe to talk about his favorite movies.

Show Notes:

Movies Referenced In This Episode

The Slaughter Rule (2002)
Dancer In The Dark (2000)
A History Of Violence (2005)
The Indian Runner (1991)
Inside Moves (1980) – Glenn Erickson’s Blu-ray review
Death Wish (1974) – Darren Bousman’s trailer commentary
The Virtuoso (2021)
The Crossing Guard (1995)
Prototype (1983)
Cry in the Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann (1991)
Seven Beauties (1975)
Swept Away (1974)
Mimic (1997)
Hannibal (2001)
Mean Streets (1973)
Taxi Driver (1976) – Rod Lurie’s trailer commentary
The Godfather Part II (1974) – Katt Shea’s trailer commentary
Being There (1979) – Alan Spencer’s trailer commentary
The Ghost of Peter Sellers (2018)
A Shot In The Dark (1964) – Dan Ireland’s trailer commentary
Midnight Cowboy (1969) – Glenn Erickson’s Blu-ray review
Papillon (1973)
Straight Time (1978) – Josh Olson’s trailer commentary
Straw Dogs (1971) – Josh Olson’s trailer commentary
Wait Until Dark (1967) – Glenn Erickson’s Blu-ray review
Catch 22 (1970) – Larry Karaszewski’s trailer commentary
Desperate Hours (1990)
The Bounty (1984)
Proof Of Life (2000)
Aguirre: The Wrath Of God (1972)
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974) – Edgar Wright’s trailer commentary
Year of the Dragon (1985)
Heaven’s Gate (1980)
The Deer Hunter (1978)
16 Blocks (2006)
The Glass Web (1953)

Other Notable Items

Hill Street Blues TV series (1981-1987)
St. Elsewhere TV series (1982-1988)
Magnum, P.I. TV series (1980-1988)
Homicide: Life On The Street TV series (1993-1999)
The Good Lord Bird TV series (2020)
The Deuce TV series (2016-2019)
Treme TV series (2010-2013)
Escape At Dannemora miniseries (2015)
Hack TV series (2002-2004)
Sean Penn
Richard Donner
Leo Penn
Viggo Mortenson
“Highway Patrolman” song by Bruce Springsteen (1982)
Patricia Arquette
Charles Bronson
Gene Hackman
Jon Voight
David Goodis
Movies Unlimited
Anthony Hopkins
Eddie Marsan
Anson Mount
Nick Stagliano
The Orson Welles Cinema in Massachusetts
Lina Wertmüller
Giancarlo Giannini
Alec Guinness
Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro
Robert Picardo
Spencer Tracy
Levinson & Link
Columbo TV series (1968-1978, 1989-2003)
Christopher Plummer
Frankenstein novel by Mary Shelley (1818)
Jean-Pau Belmondo
Ealing Studios
Peter Sellers
Laurence Olivier
Ralph Richardson
Othello play by William Shakespeare (1603)
Joan Crawford
Bette Davis
Barbara Stanwyck
Charlotte Rampling
Hal Ashby
Peter Medak
Blake Edwards
The Pink Panther film series
Stanley Kubrick
Dustin Hoffman
Alan Arkin
Adam Arkin
Woody Allen
Leonardo DiCaprio
Michael Cimino
Mickey Rourke
Mel Gibson
Werner Herzog
Klaus Kinski
Montgomery Clift
American Cinematheque Theatre in Hollywood
Clint Eastwood
John Savage
Edward G. Robinson
Claudette Colbert

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