Mark Duplass

Movies Unlimited
Season 04 | Episode 52

Mark Duplass

Actor / Producer / Writer

Multi-faceted filmmaker Mark Duplass discusses the movies he wishes more people knew about with hosts Josh Olson and Joe Dante.

Show Notes:

Movies Referenced In This Episode

Duck Butter (2018)
The Puffy Chair (2005)
Prince Of Broadway (2008)
Tangerine (2015)
The Florida Project (2017) – Dennis Cozzalio’s review
Red Rocket (2021)
Starlet (2012)
Take Out (2004)
Mack & Rita (TBD)
Old Joy (2006)
First Cow (2020)
Wendy And Lucy (2008) – Dennis Cozzalio’s favorite movie of 2020
Henry Fool (1997)
Trust (1990)
Amateur (1994)
Medicine For Melancholy (2008)
Shang-Chi (2021)
Your Sister’s Sister (2011)
My Effortless Brilliance (2008)
What the Funny (2008)
Humpday (2009)
True Adolescents (2009)
Man Push Cart (2005)
The White Tiger (2021)
Baghead (2008)
The Do-Deca-Pentathlon (2012)
Language Lessons (2021)
Stevie (2002)
Hoop Dreams (1994)
American Movie (1999)
What Happened Was… (1994) – Ti West’s trailer commentary
Manhunter (1986) – Josh Olson’s trailer commentary
My Dinner With Andre (1981)
Creep (2014)
Grown-Ups (1980)
Abigail’s Party (1977)
Nuts In May (1976)
Secrets And Lies (1996) – Glenn Erickson’s Criterion Blu-ray review
Naked (1993)
Parallel Mothers (2021)
The Freebie (2010)
East Of Eden (1955) – Larry Cohen’s trailer commentary
Strange Lady in Town (1955)
Not Going Quietly (2021)

Other Notable Items

The Miguel Arteta podcast episode
TFH Guru Roger Corman
Room 104 TV series (2017-2020)
The League TV series (2009-2015)
The Morning Show TV series (2020- )
Sean Baker
Woodstock Film Festival
The Criterion Collection
Lois Smith 
Diane Keaton
Katie Aselton
Brooklyn Prince
“Meet the Youngest and Oldest Hopefuls in This Oscar Race”, 2017 New York Times article 
Kelly Reichardt
Jon Raymond 
Hal Hartley
Jay Duplass
Richard Linklater
Martin Donovan
The Wyatt Cenac podcast episode
Barry Jenkins
Nat Sanders
Lynn Shelton
The Coen Brothers
Sean Baker
South By Southwest Film Festival
The Lynn Shelton “Of A Certain Age” Grant at the Northwest Film Forum 
The Ramin Bahrani podcast episode
Natalie Morales
Mike White
Steve James
Mark Borchardt
Dawn Borchardt
Les Blank 
The Academy Awards
Tom Noonan
Karen Sillas
Aimee Mann
Animals TV series (2015-2018)
Mike Leigh
Brenda Blethyn 
Pedro Almodóvar
Dax Shepherd
John Cassavetes
Parenthood TV series (2010-2015)
Garry Marshall
Lois Smith’s screen test with James Dean
Ady Barkan

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