Yeardley Smith
Movies Unlimited
Season 03 | Episode 50

Yeardley Smith

Actor / Podcaster

Yeardley Smith (iconic voice of Lisa Simpson and host of the podcast Small Town Dicks) joins Josh & Joe to discuss her favorite musical numbers from women.

Show Notes:

Movies Referenced In This Episode

Maximum Overdrive (1986)
The Legend of Billie Jean (1985)
Gilda (1946)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)
The Wizard of Oz (1939)
The Philadelphia Story (1940)
Pitch Perfect (2012)
Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)
Pitch Perfect 3 (2017)
Dreamgirls (2006)
Respect (2021)
Chicago (2002)
The Dot And The Line (1965)
West Side Story (1961)
On The Waterfront (1954)
Funny Girl (1968)
A Star Is Born (1954)
Gypsy (1993)
Divine Madness (1980)
8 ½ (1963)
Nine (2009) 

Other Notable Items

Stephen King
Dino De Laurentiis 
The Simpsons TV series (1989- ), quite possibly the greatest show of all time
Gunsmoke TV series (1955-1975)
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet TV series (1952-1966)
Lisa Simpson
Harlan Ellison
Yeardley’s podcast Small Town Dicks 
Yeardley’s production company Paperclip, LTD
J.K. Simmons
Zoom TV series (1972)
Rita Hayworth
“Put The Blame On Mame” performance from Gilda
Jane Russell
Shirley Temple
Judy Garland
Katharine Hepburn
Ginger Rogers
Fred Astaire
Marilyn Monroe
Lee Strasberg
“Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” performance from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
“Riff Off” performance from Pitch Perfect
The Finals performance from Pitch Perfect
Jennifer Hudson
“I Am Changing” performance from Dreamgirls
American Idol TV series (2002-2016, 2018- )
Danny Glover
Aretha Franklin
Viola Davis
Vincent van Gogh
Lady Gaga
Chicago stage play (1975)
A Chorus Line stage play (1975)
Ann Reinking 
Gwen Verdon 
Bob Fosse
Renée Zellweger
“Roxie” performance from Chicago
“Cell Block” performance from Chicago
Tom and Jerry
Chuck Jones
“America” performance from West Side Story
Rita Moreno
Jerome Robbins
Robert Wise
Steven Spielberg’s upcoming West Side Story remake
The Tom Waits cover of “Somewhere”
Leonard Bernstein 
Barbara Streisand
“Don’t Rain On My Parade” performance from Funny Girl
“The Man That Got Away” performance from A Star Is Born
The Steven Canals podcast episode
Pose TV series (2018- )
Billy Porter
Bette Midler
“Everything’s Coming Up Roses” performance from Gypsy
Kate Hudson
“Cinema Italiano” performance from Nine
Penélope Cruz
Nicole Kidman

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